We’ve moved!

Very pleased to confirm that we have relocated to our new premises in Canberra. We are now located at 17-21 University Avenue (next to the ANU) Suite 2, Level 7. ABV is continually growing its base with its office in Canberra, and extended presence across Melbourne,...

National Volunteering Week 2018

This National Volunteering Week we would like to thank all our volunteers for their fantastic work, and the amazing outcomes they have achieved over the last year.

A message from Chairman Mark Epper

At the recent Australia – Papua New Guinea Business Forum, ABV Chairman Mark Epper took the time to speak about ABV’s new strategy.

Australia-Papua New Guinea Business Forum

Several ABV representatives have spent a very interesting few days at the Australia–Papua New Guinea Business Forum.

MRL Capital and ABV build the business nous of Lihir clans

MRL Capital and Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) are partnering to build the business capacities of the six major Lihirian clans. The six Lihirian clans - Tinetalgo, Nissal, Unawos, Lamatlik, Nikama and Tengawom each own businesses, although the level at which...

International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day we are pledging to #PressforProgress by recommitting to harnessing the dynamism of business to empower women. In recent years, as well as ensuring gender mainstreaming in project designs, numerous of our projects have been specifically...

On ABV’s highly experienced business volunteers

Over the years ABV has sought to recruit and mentor an engaged community of volunteers with core business skills. ABV now boasts a registry of several hundred experienced volunteers, the majority being business people and corporate professionals. With the...
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Our Volunteers

We achieve our mission by using expert volunteers to transfer business skills. Our volunteers are experienced business professionals, typically mid career or in early retirement who undertake short term projects across Asia and the Pacific regions…

Our Partners

For those organisations seeking a partner in the Asia Pacific region, ABV offers a complete value chain approach to inclusive economic growth in developing communities. ABV collaborates with our partners to create effective…

Our Impact

ABV ensures all our assignments and programs are achieving impact through the application of our Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) Framework. ABV’s MERI Framework provides ABV with a road map to achieve our mission and a robust approach to…

Small Business Development

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