Official launch: Apeketon Business Hub a first for Lihirians

“It is an honour to be able to say, finally, a unique solution is being delivered to the people of Lihir, that is about the long term economic future. ABV are humbled by the opportunity to be able to be part of the team working to deliver that solution.” – Liz Mackinlay, ABV CEO

Major Project Announcement: ABV and Newcrest Mining open Apeketon Business Hub

ABV are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Newcrest Mining to open Apeketon Business Hub. We have spent time in Lihir working with local community and stakeholders to understand the true community business needs and develop a program that creates sustainable business and employment opportunities.

Our Volunteers

We achieve our mission by using expert volunteers to transfer business skills. Our volunteers are experienced business professionals, typically mid career or in early retirement who undertake short term projects across Asia and the Pacific regions…

Our Partners

For those organisations seeking a partner in the Asia Pacific region, ABV offers a complete value chain approach to inclusive economic growth in developing communities. ABV collaborates with our partners to create effective…

Our Impact

ABV ensures all our assignments and programs are achieving impact through the application of our Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) Framework. ABV’s MERI Framework provides ABV with a road map to achieve our mission and a robust approach to…

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Corporate Volunteering

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