Business Planning Resources – General

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12 Golden Rules for Business Success – From Tao Zhugong’s Art of Business. 12 Golden Standards and 12 Golden Safeguards about running your business successfully.

Work Plan Outline – Sample work plan outline to map your assignment and objectives on a weekly basis.

Cost Structure – A simple framework.

Work Plan Framework – Flow chart framework to enhance organisational effectiveness.

Ten Customer Rules -10 things to understand about your customers and building better relationships with them!

Grant Writing Tips – Some points to be considered when applying for grants from governments or charities, etc.

Entrepreneurship – Power point presentation on running your own business.  Good for training entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Business Plan Sample – Full business plan template.

Business Plan Framework – Suggestion of what to include in a comprehensive Business Plan for a new business and/or presentation for financial support (like a bank).

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