What We Offer

Using a blend of our Skilled Business Professionals who donate their time and our expert staff, ABV co-designs programs that support our partners to achieve their outcomes, fulfil their ethical commitments, and meet their KPIs (such as the SDGs).   Our focus is on meeting the business challenges that small businesses, not-for-profits, or staff within a corporate are experiencing.  We’re able to draw on the work we do in capability development through the Your Enterprise Scheme, Family Money Management and Better Business Governance, one-to-one and group Mentoring, and corporate skilled volunteering to build highly tailored programs that guarantee outcomes.  We design our programs to have outcomes for the business professionals donating their time, the small businesses and not-for-profits we work with and the staff within the corporate partner who are participating in the program. 

Underpinning this is ABV’s flexible approaches to human capability development challenges, understanding there is no one size fits all approach to developing and implementing skilled volunteering programs or addressing business problems and social issues, through a human capability lens. Each of ABV’s valued corporate partners have differing objectives, sensitivities and aims. In response we apply different methods. The value that ABV brings is our ability to design and implement tailored programs to meet these differing objectives, drawing on the diverse sector expertise of our Skilled Business Professionals and our perspective as a mission-driven not-for-profit which aims to delight our partners, demonstrate measurable outputs and achieve real outcomes for communities.    

ABV’s specialized small business skills capacity building and development program providing support for existing and emerging entrepreneurs and SMEs throughout Asia Pacific.    

Targeted to build the business skills of existing and emerging business owners, YES is an expertly developed business program delivering the fundamentals of business from business modelling and strategic planning to risk analysis, finance, people management, marketing and pricing strategies, customer service and occupational health and safety.    

YES is offered across 3 categories to suit a wide range of business development stages    

  • YES Startup for business owners who would like to start a business    
  • YES Standard for established businesses 
  • YES Accelerator for businesses seeking investment to grow 

Combining classroom-based learning and groupwork with either on-site or remotely provided, one-on one capacity building and mentoring sessions, the YES programs are led by experienced trainers and tailored to individuals and businesses needs offering relevant business support and guidance. With the formal teaching structured as five full days at the beginning of course, allowing for the subsequent 3 weeks for the trainers to spend time on site or remotely and provide individualized advice and one-on-one mentoring support.   We are able to support YES being run whilst travel restrictions are in place through the use of a locally employed YES project officer and the provision of remote technical support from our expert trainers.  Since its inception in 2003, YES has helped thousands of individuals and businesses realize new growth and potential.

ABV’s short course series providing support on good governance and citizenship with one-on-one mentoring tailored to suit individual and business needs from startups to established organisations.     

Targeted at company owners and directors, the BBG course covers the principles of good corporate governance, organisational structures and the duties of Directors, Managers, and Board Members and is designed to assist participants in becoming responsible and effective in their roles and to develop further competence in financial and operational management     

With a bespoke learning format, designed to suit the participants, training can be structured around five full-day workshops conducted as a block of training, or interspersed with one-on-one, personalized, mentoring advice making the program suitable for a wide range of business types including sole traders, partnerships, companies, not-for-profit entities and government statutory authorities.   We are able to support BBG being run whilst travel restrictions are in place through the use of a locally employed BBG project officer and the provision of remote technical support from our expert trainers.

ABV offers expertise in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating business and professional development mentoring programs that are collaboratively and responsively designed to ensure the needs of both mentors and mentees are met.    

Our approach to mentoring program design and implementation integrates international development theory and good practice mentoring standards to deliver mentoring programs to assist mentees to make decisions and choose pathways for their professional development that are relevant and sustainable.     

Sourced from ABV’s registry of highly skilled business professionals, our mentors are experienced business and professional development individuals who donate their time and expertise to our programs delivering regular face to face in person or remote mentoring sessions, online support and learning workshops.    

The program format can be designed to meet the specific needs of the organisation and participants with ABV providing design and monitoring support including mentor/mentee preparation and evaluation of outcomes.    

Format options may include:    

  • structured, facilitated matching, mentoring and monitoring   
  • informal, loosely structured facilitated connections   
  • either virtual, face to face sessions or a combination of both   
  • Individual or group mentoring, or a combination of both with facilitated workshops   

ABV co-designs and implements contemporary, evidence-based skilled volunteering programs for corporate partners to deliver shared value outcomes for corporates, employees and community partners through leadership development, talent retention and social impact.    

Our immersive skilled volunteering programs pair corporate employees with a social enterprise or not for profit organisation to support and develop their capacity to solve a business challenge.    

Tailored to the specific needs of our corporate and community partners ABV applies different methodologies and program design to each program aiming to deliver ‘triple benefit’:    

  • Providing community partners (social enterprises or not for profits) with pro bono support and business insights that significantly strengthen their business and their capacity to achieve impact.    
  • Developing participants’ (corporate volunteers’) professional effectiveness and leadership capabilities through real-life situations that take them outside their comfort zone to learn, practice and develop a variety of skills.    
  • Harnesses the talents of employees to demonstrate their social impact whilst gaining insight into the realities of operating SMEs, social enterprises and not-for-profits. The experience can be truly transformative for participants which can translate into improved employee retention, engagement and performance.   

At the heart of it all, Corporate Skilled Volunteering contributes significant social value to for-purpose organisations, maximizing employee, client and community partner engagement to enhance social impact.   

ABV has designed this program in response to an identified need for families to strengthen skills in managing household cash-flows, planning and saving for the future, making decisions about financial products and seeking advice about money and finance.  

The program is offered to participants who may have limited exposure to handling cash.  A gender inclusive approach encourages men and women from family groups to participate collaboratively and is explicit in the importance of the role of women being recognised as equal participants in the production, planning and decision making relating to family money management.  The Family Teams approach encourages families to explore issues of gender and culture within families, and seeks to facilitate more effective, sustainable and gender-equitable practices, fostering the concept of women having access to their own income and promoting the wider benefits of women having an equal voice in decisions within their families and communities.    

The FMMP consists of workshops, group work and individual mentoring.  The program focuses on families setting shared goals as this has been identified as strong motivation for gaining skills in effective money management practices.  Participants move through FMMP sessions and use the exercises and tools. The FMMP can be run as a three-day program of workshops and mentoring or alternatively paced according to participants’ needs.  

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