ABV CEO Sarah O”Connor, former host organisations, media, and the most recent Corporate Service Corps team have attended a special Manilla event marking the 15th IBMCSC team to be placed in the Philppines.

IBM”s Corporate Service Corps (CSC) program was launched in 2008 to help communities around the world solve critical problems while providing IBM employees unique leadership development opportunities. The CSC program sends groups of 10 – 15 IBM staff from different countries for four week community-based assignments in emerging markets.

As one of four of IBM’s CSC program partners ABV”s role is to work with IBM to design CSC projects, to manage project logistics, to provide ongoing support to the CSC team while on the ground, and to assist in the monitoring and evaluation of projects. ABV delivers assignments which benefit IBM and IBM employees, but as a development organisation we are concerned with ensuring that CSC programs benefit communities.

As a not for profit organisation which values altruism, and whose mission is to relieve poverty, it has been fantastic to work with a company that has such strong commitment to corporate responsibility and citizenship. There are other corporations which have international pro-bono programs, but IBM’s CSC program is truly world leading, both in terms of its scale, and its commitment to achieving community impact.

ABV and IBM collaborated to produce this video for the event.

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