ABV welcomes the Inquiry into the role of the private sector in promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in the Indo-Pacific region and hopes its submission will be of value to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The submission is largely focused on ABV”s approaches and programs and seeks to encompass two concerns:

  1. Initiatives that aim to support the growth of the private sector in developing countries by working directly with small and medium enterprises, as well as strengthening institutions that create the conditions, regulatory frameworks and confidence of an enabling and inclusive business environment in which the private sector can thrive.
  2. Engagement with Australian and global businesses to support development and the alleviation of poverty through international employee volunteering programs. This includes the efforts of  Australian business professionals, who are at the heart of ABV and volunteer their time.

By supporting the growth of the private sector in the region, ABV’s programs are complimentary to the Australian Government’s aid efforts related to economic growth, expanding trade, creating jobs, reducing economic insecurity and empowering women and girls.

(Photograph by Debra Plueckhahn).

Australian Business Volunteers