ABV has partnered with IBM since 2008, helping to implement two programs; the Corporate Service Corps (CSC), and Smarter Cities Challenge (SCC).
IBM launched the Corporate Service Corps program in 2008 as ‘a corporate version of the Peace Corps’. It is the largest corporate program of its type in the world, seeing around 500 IBM employees placed on international pro bono projects in emerging markets each year. Participants spend four weeks in teams of 10 – 15 employees helping solve economic and social problems in a selected community in an emerging market. The employees selected to take part in the CSC program come from IBM’s offices around the world. The teams are usually broken up in to 3 or 4 groups each working collaboratively with an individual government or community organisation in the selected community.

The Smarter Cities Challenge is a signature IBM Citizenship initiative that contributes IBM technology and the skills and expertise of teams of IBM experts to address key challenges facing cities around the world. Winning cities receive a team of five to six IBM experts that deploys to the winning city to work closely with the city leadership for a three-week period on their proposed challenge. The IBM team works closely with its host city to gather information about root causes and potential solutions to the obstacles at hand.

The ABV-IBM Partnership
ABV has been a global implementing partner of IBM’s CSC program since its inception. As an implementing partner ABV’s role is to work with IBM to design CSC projects, to manage project logistics, to provide ongoing support to the CSC team while they are in-country, and to assist in with monitoring and evaluation.

ABV has also assisted in the implementation of a large number of IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge programs, a signature IBM Citizenship initiative.

Impact and Reach
Since its launch in 2008, the CSC program has contributed over 3000 participants on over 275 teams to nearly 40 countries around the world, delivering over $70 million in market value consulting on over 1000 projects.

Over the past six years, more than 132 cities have been selected to receive SCC grants, each valued at $500,000; total contributions to date are valued at more than $66 million. Winning cities have used the recommendations prepared by SSC teams to make substantive progress on a diverse array of urban issues, including transportation, infrastructure, social services and economic development

Where the ABV-IBM Partnership has been
ABV has deployed over 700 IBM employees across ten countries outside Australia.

Cambodia  ·  China  ·  India  ·  Indonesia  ·  Malaysia  ·  New Zealand  ·  Philippines  ·  Thailand  ·  Vietnam

In this video, IBM employees and host organisation partners talk about the IBM CSC program, their experiences, and the support provided by ABV.

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“…What a wonderful and incredible experience. I feel I have helped contribute (in a small way) to helping the Philippines with disaster preparedness. I learned about an emerging country, impacts of climate change, overpopulation and poverty. I have a new perspective that will help me understand the world better. Thanks!…”

IBM CSC Participant – Philippines

Australian Business Volunteers