Australian Business Volunteers is delighted to announce a new partnership with Schneider Electric, global specialist in energy management. Schneider Electric Teachers, a program launched by the Schneider Electric Foundation in February 2012, opens the way for current and past employees to contribute to the Foundation”s mission by harnessing their expertise in support of local and regional communities. This builds upon Schneider Electric’s broader commitment to sustainability and the Schneider Electric Foundation’s aim for the development of people and societies through education, awareness-raising and vocational training related to energy.

Schneider Electric LogoSchneider Electric employees volunteer their time to undertake short-term Missions in support of educational and vocational training organisations and organisations in the field of access to energy. Missions are developed, supported and implemented through not for profit organisations, in which Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) has been selected as the Australian regional partner. ABV provides the community relationship and knowledge required for sustainable programs, the volunteer placement and support expertise, and significant corporate partnership experience.

The internal launch across Schneider Electric state offices took place in July and August. Staff were provided information on the Foundation, the Teachers program and information on implementing partners Australian Business Volunteers, providing international missions in the region. Engineers Without Borders, who will be providing domestic missions, is another implementing partner. Employee registrations are well on track to reaching the initial target of 40 registered and active volunteers, in turn contributing to the global program target of 300 missions by 2014.


As the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric has a 177-year legacy of innovation, international scope, and corporate responsibility. Schneider Electric delivers efficient solutions across the energy chain, enabling people to experience and transform efficiency together at home and work, across the grid, and in towns and cities. Today, more than 140,000 Schneider Electric employees in over 100 countries bring a singular mission to their work each day: to help people make the most of their casino online energy. Schneider Electric’s commitment to Australia and New Zealand is a $1.3 billion investment, employing 3,600 employees with factories in Adelaide, Benalla (VIC), Brisbane, Melbourne and Christchurch as well as research and development centres in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Christchurch.

Schneider Electric is a proud leader in commitment to sustainability. This is best encapsulated in theSchneider Electric Planet & Society Barometer, which has been Schneider Electric”s sustainability scorecard since 2005. The Planet & Society Barometer aims to mobilise Schneider Electric around sustainable development objectives and to communicate the company”s results to its stakeholders on the three pillars of Planet, Profit and People.

Schneider Electric Planet & Society Barometer.

The Schneider Electric Foundation’s aim, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, is to contribute to the development of people and societies through education, awareness-raising and vocational training related to energy. The foundation provides a range of support under the three program areas of access to energy, fight against fuel poverty, and sustainable development awareness.  This impact of the foundation’s activities include the contribution of 38,600 Schneider Electric staff to community related actions and through the BipBop training program 1.9 million households gained access to energy in 12 countries, and 45,000 people have been trained in energy trades.

Schneider Electric’s commitment has been internationally recognised including their recent ranking of 10 on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World by Global 100.

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