ABV have just completed our third Corporate Skilled Volunteering immersion with National Australia Bank, this time with housing, support, education and employment services provider, Launch Housing in Melbourne, Victoria. ABV is delighted to be working with NAB on this initiative, which draws the private and community sectors together to achieve greater sustainability.

The purpose of this two week immersive experience was to help grow Launch Housing’s social enterprise, HomeGround Real Estate; focusing on developing its profitability and scalability. This included reviewing current performance to assess the most effective ways of improving the business’ outputs, processes, and approach, what sustainable growth might look like, and some suggested approaches to growing brand awareness and rolling out an effective marketing strategy.

ABVs focus with this style of Corporate Skilled Volunteering is on delivering a triple benefit, one which is transformative for private sector employees, whilst driving significant social change within community organisations and for-purpose business enterprises. The experience provides a real-life situation that takes participants outside their comfort zone to learn, practice and develop a variety of skills. The focus of the program is on addressing real-time business challenges faced by community partners, delivering tangible, implementable solutions.

It provides a unique opportunity for NAB employees to stretch themselves personally and professionally, using their everyday skills, talents and experience to contribute to tangible social impact; the community partner gains the benefit of up to ten people working full time for two weeks on a current, and pressing business challenge for which they may not have the time, resources, business knowledge or networks to solve for themselves; whilst NAB is able to leverage the talents of its employees to contribute to greater effectiveness and therefore social impact of it’s for-purpose customers and partners in priority areas.

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