Media Releases

25 November 2015, Media Release: ABV announces two new board members at AGM

27 October 2015, Media Release: Small business helping to empower PNG women

25 May 2015, Media Release: Dismay at cuts to international volunteering during National Volunteer Week

6 February 2015, Media Release: New Staff and Structure

6 October 2014, Media Release: “PNG Small businesses graduate after intensive training by Aussie business experts”

8 March 2014, Media Release: “Australian Women Inspiring Change”

13 January 2014, Media Release: Pollinate Energy – Executive Fellowship Program

5 December 2013, Media Release: “Australian Business Leaders recognised for international volunteering”


Media featuring ABV

12 June 2015, ABC Radio National segment on cuts to international volunteering featuring ABV CEO Sarah O’Connor

7 June 2015, Cut in overseas aid program ‘bizarre’ say volunteers

15 May 2015, ABC News Radio segment – National Volunteers week marred by a 30% cut to international volunteering

26 March 2013, ABC Radio Australia audio transcript of interview with volunteer Fiona Stewart

25 March 2013, Sydney Morning Herald: “Boardroom blitz aids the needy”

28 February 2013, Sydney Morning Herald: “Sharing skills with those who need them most”

27 December 2012,¬†Citizen IBM:¬†“The future of Philanthropy and CSR”



Video: IBM CSC Program with support from ABV – Video produced for 15th CSC in the Philippines

Video: IBM Corporate Services Corps and ABV

Video: Launch of the YES (Your Enterprise Scheme) Program



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