A long-time volunteer and a former KPMG board member were chosen to join not-for-profit Australian Business Volunteer’s (ABV) board yesterday at its 2015 Annual General Meeting

The international development not-for-profit organisation appointed Mr Mark Epper and Ms Frances Healy.

“Mr Epper and Ms Healy will be great additions to the board and will bring valuable expertise and guidance as ABV implements its strategic direction” said ABV Chair Fiona Jolly.

Mr Epper was selected by the board and will bring extensive financial expertise. A chartered accountant, Mr Epper retired in 2014 after 27 years as an audit partner with KPMG, and having served on KPMG’s Board and Remuneration Committee for several years.

ABV members also voted to elect long-time ABV volunteer Ms Frances Healy. Ms Healy has undertaken ABV assignments in Indonesia, the Solomons, Timor Leste, and Tonga and has extensive experience in management and consulting in the public and private sectors.

Among international development organisations, ABV is unique in its focus on strengthening business and economic institutions with a vision of alleviating poverty through inclusive economic growth.

ABV’s 2014-15 Annual Report was also presented at the AGM. The report describes a year of diversification and of maturation of ABV’s relationships with existing partners as the organisation responded to new board strategies and changes in traditional funding sources.

ABV CEO Sarah O’Connor’s said: “Over the last year ABV continued to focus on what it has done for over 30 years – driving inclusive economic growth by strengthening the private sector in the Asia-Pacific region. However the year also saw important strategic actions such as the relaunch of ABV’s small business mentoring program, the implementation of the new Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement Framework and enhanced volunteer engagement.”

“The coming period promises to be exciting for ABV. ‘Shared value’ is the new buzzword in discussions around development and corporate social responsibility – in reality it describes ABV’s way of working over the last 30 years. ABV engages the private sector and leverages private sector investment to create shared outcomes for businesses and communities, so I believe we are well placed to be a leader in this space over the next few years” said Ms O’Connor

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