On 5th December 2013, Australian Business Volunteers recognises our business volunteers for their international efforts to eradicate poverty in Asia and the Pacific.

More than 100 Australian Business Volunteers were deployed in 2013 to share their expertise on short-term, high-impact international development projects in Asia and the Pacific.

With this year’s International Volunteer Day theme being Young. Global. Active. – Australian Business Volunteers’ Chief Executive Officer, Sarah O’Connor, acknowledges the often energetic and adventurous spirit required of business leaders engaged in ABV international projects.

“Our volunteers often find themselves in quite remote locations providing invaluable pro-bono advice and training to local staff within small businesses, government institutions and community organisations,” said O’Connor. “The expertise required of our volunteers usually means that they are typically between mid-career to early retirement.  Whatever their age, they generally approach a project with passion and a commitment to make a difference.”

Full text of ABV’s media release.

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