ABV and Indonesia

For over 20 years ABV (formerly AESOP) has helped build the Indonesian private and community sectors.  

Over the years hundreds of Australian Business Volunteers have worked with organisations across the archipelago from Banda Aceh to Jayapura, and from Kupang to Pontianak.

Among international development not-for-profits ABV is unique in that our focus has always been on strengthening small businesses and economic institutions, with a vision of alleviating poverty through inclusive economic growth. ABV works with private sector actors big and small on a range of development projects all with the aim of strengthening businesses and the business environment, and alleviate poverty through inclusive economic growth.

ABV’s projects are impactful and cost-effective because they are implemented by volunteers drawn from our large registry of senior business professionals and small business owners.  Our volunteers bring extensive experience to each project along with an independent and altruistic approach that guarantees effective and authentic skills transfer and mentoring.

With a strong emphasis on mentoring and collaboration, ABV designs and delivers programs specific to the requirements of organisations and the communities within which they operate.

ABV has expertise designing and implementing programs which build the capacities of various private sector actors including:

Due to the breadth of expertise of our registered business volunteers, ABV can also collaborate with partners to design and implement effective capacity building programs for other private sector actors.

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