Twelve IBM employees from around the world have completed their first week of international employee volunteering in Indonesia.  The team comprises of staff from IBM offices in Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Hungary, USA, India, Austria, Spain and China, and are supported on-the-ground by two staff members from Australian Business Volunteers (ABV); Australian Program Manager, Jean Sum and In-Country Manager, Waya Araos.

The IBM team are working on development projects with key institutions in Indonesia, providing strategic advice and training to local staff in the areas of IT, data management, marketing and business curriculum.

At the end of the first week, Australian Business Volunteers Program Manager, Jean Sum, said the teams have had a productive seven days learning about the organisations they are supporting, meeting key staff and undertaking preliminary research.

“In the second week they begin to come-up with the ideas and plans to implement them,” Jean added.  “It is a steep learning curve for many of them, particularly a they have not lived or worked in Indonesia prior to this trip.”

The Corporate Service Corps gives IBM staff members the ability to develop their leadership skills and literacy while providing high quality problem solving for communities in emerging markets.  Australian Business Volunteers is one of the not-for-profit organisations implementing the worldwide CSC Program and providing the on-the-ground support needed by the team members prior to and when in-country.

“Working with ABV to help us arrange our IBM Corporate Service Corps experience has been wonderful. I really appreciated their attention to detail in both the planning and execution phases of our assisgnment,” said Elisa Price, IBM CSC participant.

“They were always extremely helpful and really went out of their way to help us get settled in and pass on very useful local knowledge to me and my team.”

More on the IBM CSC Program is here.  You can also read the posts and blogs from the CSC team in Indonesia here.

(Photograph courtesy of IBM CSC volunteer, Jayaram Tazhaikudi Sivaramakrishnan)

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