ABV and Fiji

For over 30 years ABV (formerly AESOP) has helped build Fiji business, motivated by the belief that a vibrant and inclusive private sector is essential to relieving poverty. 

Over the years hundreds of Australian Business Volunteers have helped build the capacities of private sector actors big and small across the Fiji Islands – from a family run coconut oil business on Nacula Island to the National Bank of Fiji (now BSP).

With a strong emphasis on mentoring and collaboration, ABV designs and delivers programs specific to the requirements of organisations and the communities within which they operate.

ABV has expertise designing and implementing programs which build the capacities of various private sector actors including:

Due to the breadth of expertise of our registered business volunteers, ABV can also collaborate with partners to design and implement effective capacity building programs for other private sector actors. ABV’s volunteers have for example designed a marketing plan for the Coconut Industry Development Authority, helped design a business incubator system for the National Centre for Small and Micro Enterprises Development, and assisted the Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises ‘N’ Development (FRIEND) to develop a growth strategy.

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