Energy is: “…the golden thread that connects economic growth, social equity and an environment that allows the world to thrive.”          – UN SG Ban-KI Moon, UN 2012

Electrify Kolonoboi Village, Namatanai PNG

Less than 15% of the Papua New Guinean population have access to stable electricity supply. People living outside of the main population centres are very unlikely to have access to any electricity.

The United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social Affairs has recognised that the access to stable energy spurs economic growth, creating employment and improving health, safety and educational outcomes.

Kolonoboi Village is a rural village located in the New Ireland Province of PNG. There is no electricity grid and there are very few generators. Cooking is done over open fire or kerosene and, without refrigeration fresh food must be caught or slaughtered every other day. The health clinic in the village has no electricity and so can’t store much needed vaccines.

Australian Business Volunteers (ABV), will electrify Kolonoboi Village using unique Australian-developed, patent-pending, self-install distributed energy generation and storage solutions developed by Edison Projects Australia.

How it works

Installation is very simple and can be carried out quickly by untrained/unskilled local residents, guided by ABV Project Officers.
Three boxes will be delivered to each building:

• Box 1 contains a durable, lightweight, flexible 1.8kW EnRG ™ Tarp
The EnRG ™ Tarp is unfolded and then tied to the roof support structure
• Box 2 contains a 3.6kWh charged, fully self-contained, plug and play, EnRG™ Cube
The EnRG™ Cube uses patented architecture making them the safest Li Ion batteries available and able to be placed securely in the home. The cord from the blanket is plugged into the Cube
• Box 3 contains a small chest refrigerator and some LED lights. These are taken inside and plugged into the EnRG™ Cube.
A hut can generally be electrified in 90 minutes and the solution has a minimum life span of ten years – providing free electricity to that hut for all that time. Naturally, there is more to electrification than mere hardware alone.

Engaging the Community

Prior to delivering the boxes, Australian Business Volunteers will engage with the villagers and their local and District level leadership to ensure the aims of the project as well as their roles and responsibilities are clearly understood. This also provides the opportunity for any challenges or concerns to be resolved before the equipment arrives. The local member, Walter Schnaubelt will launch the electrification program when the equipment arrives creating ceremony and meaning to the program.

Following installation, ABV will coach and train the community in efficient use of energy and how to get the most from their new lighting and refrigeration. ABV will monitor the program over the ensuing months to ensure that the village manages the assets and understands how to maximise the benefits they receive from electrification.

Your support of this campaign will result in positive life changing outcomes for the 200+ residents of Kolonoboi Village.
Please note, if we exceed our target we will move on to electrify other villages with similar challenges. All pledges are tax deductible.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are now planning to electrify Kolonoboi in April 2021.

About Edison Projects Australia
Edison Projects Australia believes that access to stable electricity is a critical enabler to provide better health, education, safety and prosperity and it is their purpose to provide energy solutions to power all communities. Established in 2018, Edison Projects Australia (EPA) is an integrator/manufacturer of high density, safe, simple, energy generation and storage solutions and is an Australian Registered Proprietary Limited Company. EPA was established to research and develop rapidly deployable energy capture and storage solutions for communities with non-existent, unstable or unreliable power grids.

The go fund me page will go live in November 2020.

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