During a fireside chat at this year’s Australian Governance Summit hosted by the Australian Institute for Company Directors (AICD), ABV CEO Liz Mackinlay took the opportunity to discuss the loss of trust in the Australian corporate sector and the pivotal role skilled volunteering can play in delivering effective CSR programs to not-for-profits. In an age where corporates are starting to take notice of the greater impact they can be having on communities, both local and international, ensuring the right support program is offered, is critical. Liz explained “Understanding how corporate volunteering can benefit your organisation in both the short and long term, and the importance of getting the design and implantation of your program right from the beginning, is paramount.” Going on to explain the value of the triple benefit ABV offers with tailored skilled volunteering programs, Liz spoke about creating a benefit to the host organisation that is meaningful, tailored and of lasting impact; benefit to the employee where they have a transformational experience that enhances their leadership and strategic agility and benefit to the corporate through increased employee engagement and improved brand alignment through demonstrated community impact. “Getting this right from the beginning is critical if community cynicism about a corporate’s motivation for volunteering is to be overcome.  Whilst painting fences has some value, creating shared value is of much greater benefit to all concerned.”

ABV CEO, Liz Mackinlay (right) hosted by Your Money at AICD’s Governance Summit in Sydney

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