Australia Awards Papua New Guinea is seeking Australian volunteers from a range of professional and personal backgrounds to participate in a peer-to-peer networking initiative – CAFÉ.

ABV is proud to be working with AAPNG to offer all registered ABV volunteers to opportunity to apply for the 2020 program


About Australia Awards Papua New Guinea

Australia Awards Papua New Guinea (AAPNG) are prestigious scholarships awarded to the next generation of global leaders. Through study, research and networking activities in Australia, PNG awardees develop the skills and knowledge to drive change in their home country and build enduring people-to-people links with Australia.


About CAFÉ (Connection, Association Friendship, Exchange)

CAFÉ aims to connect PNG awardees with Australians with similar backgrounds and interests. Each Australian peer will be paired with one PNG peer.

CAFÉ will run until the end of 2020. We recommend peers catch up in person a minimum of two to three times, however there are no formal requirements as such. Beyond that, any further contact is at the discretion of the CAFE peers.

CAFÉ peers can take part in various activities, including for example:

  • meeting over a coffee
  • sharing a BBQ in a park
  • enjoying an Australian cultural or sporting event
  • showing the PNG peer around an Australian workplace.


One of ABV’s SBPs, Donna, was linked with an Awardee in 2019:

” I really enjoyed my Laos assignments with ABV and this AAPNG initiative was a way to continue to support a worthy initiative now I am in Australia. I enjoy learning about other cultures, how we approach and solve shared life challenges. I have extensive tertiary and mentoring experience and felt this was a way to continue to contribute and to support the endeavours of other women whilst continuing to learn from my partner too.
Rosa and I have exchanged photos and family information. I have sent her academic papers of some relevance to her studies and photos from my 2019 trips to Laos. We have met over coffee and established a warm rapport through sharing stories, experiences and humour.Rosa has been very generous in sharing aspects of her academic journey and her wider life reflections with me. This has greatly impacted on my appreciation of PNG society, something I knew little about. I encourage others to join this program. Time commitment is negotiable and flexible and the conversation is so interesting and the coffee great.”

How do I get involved?

Registered ABV volunteers can register their interest at:

You can download the full brochure for the AAPNG CAFE initiative here

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