Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Subcommittee this week tabled a report into the role of the private sector in promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in the Indo-Pacific region.
ABV made a submission to the Subcommittee’s inquiry, and also appeared before the Committee at a hearing last year.
In an article following the release of the report the Committee Chair, Sharman Stone is quoted as saying; “We want to encourage people experienced in business to volunteer,” and “We want volunteers who can share their commercial experience to improve understanding of consumer demand and services that can support their products.”
The report has a large number of recommendations, including Recommendation 7 which is specifically relevant to Government policy regarding international volunteering.

Recommendation 7
The Committee recommends that the Australian Government review current Australian funded business volunteering or mentoring initiatives to:
• improve connections to other Australian-funded business development initiatives;
• improve public information about Australia’s volunteering programs;
• better collaborate with volunteering programs organised and funded by Australian businesses; and
• consider improved processes with a view to creating a more business-focused volunteering or twinning program.

ABV is positive about Recommendation7 because it aligns with our activities, including corporate volunteering and small business mentoring.


Australian Business Volunteers