ABV can fairly claim to be the Asia-Pacific leader in the design and implementation of corporate pro bono and other corporate employee programs aiming for community benefits. Since 2008 ABV is proud to have been an implementing partner of the IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) program, the largest international corporate pro bono program globally. Under this program IBM employees spend four weeks in teams of 10 – 15 helping solve economic and social problems in a selected community in an emerging market.

ABV has been one of several implementing partners of the CSC program since its inception, the other partners being based in the US, UK, and Canada. Over the decade ABV has managed the placement of many hundreds of IBM employees in more than 60 teams in cities across China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and India. Over the last several years ABV has also placed scores of IBMers on another international program called Smarter Cities Challenge.

Over the last year ABV has leveraged our experience with IBM to design corporate programs for the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), and an Asian consulting firm, and most recently has begun work on a corporate program with a major Australian bank.

ABV has found that when working with corporates there is no one size fits all approach to developing and implementing such employee programs. Each corporate has slightly different objectives for their program, for example ‘community immersion’, ‘shared value’, ‘triple benefit’, or leadership training. The value that ABV brings is our ability to design and implement programs to meet these differing objectives, and our perspective as a mission-driven not-for-profit which looks to design programs which benefit the corporate but which also deliver measurable outputs and outcomes for communities.

Photo: A scene from an IBM Corporate Service Corps program in the Philippines.

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