Our Story

Our mission

Strengthen business and institutions to enable a strong and vibrant private sector.

Our vision

To alleviate poverty by using business expertise to drive inclusive economic growth and well-being.

Our history

Founded in 1981, Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) commenced operations as an initiative of the Australian Government. Now an independent not-for-profit organization, ABV has placed close to six thousand skilled business professionals and pro-bono employees on capacity building and mentoring assignments over three decades, throughout the Asia Pacific and beyond.

The underpinning principle for all our work is that locally developed business provides an effective model for sustained community development, alleviating poverty by contributing to economic growth, job creation, and people’s livelihoods and incomes.


About us

ABV is an international development agency with nearly 4 decades of experience supporting sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

ABV takes pride in working at the intersection of business and development and in working to develop tailored programs which correspond to the economic and social development needs of our partners and local communities who operate within a broad spectrum of disciplines including health, education, banking, private sector development and business, agriculture and women’s empowerment.

ABV is unique in that as an international development agency we are skilled in business management and facilitation skills, supported through our ABV team and that of our skilled business professionals who volunteer their time to support our mission, and the mission of our partners. Our skilled business professionals are donating their time and expertise and as such have a powerful, and life changing approach to the service they provide. They focus on capacity building, using a strengths based approach that is profoundly different from simply consulting on the work.

Our long and diverse history in Asia Pacific drives ABV’s understanding that each business development challenge requires a unique set of skills and experience. After seeking to understand our clients’ needs, ABV selects the most suited candidates from our pro bono register of skilled business professionals and staff. When developing bespoke programs, our ABV staff and affiliates seek to collaborate with our partners to provide tailored solutions. ABV is a responsive business partner, offering a rich pool of talent in business and international development, leadership, governance, strategic planning, professional services, change leadership and management, education and training, facilitation, finance and complex project management, all with capacity building and sustainable development as the lens with which challenges are viewed.