Our Story

Our mission

Strengthen business and institutions to enable a strong and vibrant private sector.

Our vision

To alleviate poverty by using business expertise to drive inclusive economic growth and well-being.

Our history

Founded in 1981, Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) commenced operations as an initiative of the Australian Government. Now an independent not-for-profit organization, ABV has placed close to six thousand skilled business professionals and pro-bono employees on capacity building and mentoring assignments over three decades, throughout the Asia Pacific and beyond.

The underpinning principle for all our work is that locally developed business provides an effective model for sustained community development, alleviating poverty by contributing to economic growth, job creation, and people’s livelihoods and incomes.


About us

ABV is an international development agency with a unique focus on strengthening business and economic institutions with a vision of alleviating poverty through inclusive economic growth.  

With nearly 40 years of expertise, ABV pursues its charitable purposes by implementing projects throughout Asia Pacific and in Australia, building capacity by transferring skills and knowledge always with a focus on strengthening communities and alleviating poverty. 

Each project has been designed by our experts in international and community development, and then implemented by volunteers drawn from our registry of Skilled Business Professionals and small business owners who donate their time. 

Our Skilled Business Professionals bring extensive experience and an independent, altruistic approach that guarantees effective and authentic skills transfer and mentoring, working with a range of organisations including local NGOs, educational institutions, national, provincial and local governments, large corporates and small businesses. 

Assignments are focused on strengthening the core business skills of the host organisations, including business development and management, financial management, organisational development, corporate governance, information and communication technology, marketing and communication, digital business management and business continuity planning. 

With long-term experience implementing capacity building programs using different models, ABV collaborates with our partners to create effective programs which are customised, needs-based, and community driven. ABV’s business model is to partner with corporates to deliver impactful corporate social responsibility programs that guarantee sustainable outcomes for communities and not for profits, which leads to poverty alleviation here in Australia and across our region. 

You can access our 2020 Business Development Brochure here for more information

Australian Business Volunteers